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GIS data is not a certified survey and no reliance may be placed in its accuracy.
It is created to support community planning as a mapped representation of data collected at different scales, times, and using different definitions. The Town of Carrboro assumes no liability for damages cause by inaccuracies the GIS data presented in these maps or supporting data and makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information presented. The fact of distribution does not constitute such a warranty.

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  Find an Address Where is an address? Who owns the property? What jurisdiction is it in?
  Set up a Mailing Can I download addresses for a mailing to adjacent properties?
  Report Flooding Have you had flooding on your property? Report it here!
  See Flood Reports Where have people reported flooding in Carrboro?
  Floodplain Is my property in a floodplain? I need an elevation certificate. (Get that here)
  Zoning and Active Developments What zone is a property in and what does that mean? What are the active new developments in Carrboro?
  City Schools (Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools) What school district am I in?
  Trash Pickup When is my trash picked up?
  Carrboro Area Parks Carrboro parks and park information
  Data Download Can I get GIS data to use in my own mapping?
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